Monday 25 June 2007

Heavy weights

When we were asked to prepare a proposal highlighting the uniqueness of River Nila by department officials, we started jotting down few things. When we started looking at some of the writings that came from the banks of river, the list went on like this:

Scientific works like "Drikanita" of Vadasseri Parameswaran (Astronomer),
'Dasadhyaayi' of Thalakulathu Bhattathiri(Astrologer),
'Goladeepika' of Trikandiyoor Achyutha Pisharadi(Mathematician),
'Maathanga Leela' (on Elephants),
"Manushyalaya Chandrika"a work on architecture,
"Prakriya Sarwasam" of Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri (on Sanskrit grammar),
"Tantra Samuchaya" by Neelakanda Somayaji on Tantric practices

the list goes on...

When we opened The Hindu newspaper this morning, there was an article in the Kerala section about sixth century mathematician and astronomer Aryabhatta (India's first experimental satellite was named after him) that he was born in Ponnani!! (Estuary and old harbour where River Nila joins the Indian Ocean). Trikandiyoor and Alathiyoor near Ponnani has been traditionally known for its mathematicians.

We have been told by scholars from this part of the world that Aryabhatta was from Alathiyoor gramam (village) and not from Bihar as it is commonly believed.

K. Chandra Hari, senior geoscientist at the Institute of Reservoir Studies of Oil and Natural Gas Commission, Ahmedabad now says that "Aryabhata lived precisely in the modern Ponnani-Chamravattom area (latitude 10N51 and longitude 75E45) in Kerala in 6th Century AD. " Birth place of Aryabhatta has been a debate.

In any case its quite a list of famous people who came from the banks of river nila!!

(It's just a tragedy for all these geniuses that
Arun and I were born in these villages (Trikandiyoor and Alathiyoor) and have absolutely no clue of mathematics, forget the fact that we can't keep counting straight;)! Arun, sorry, I didn't really mean to let the world know of our struggles of clearing maths exams in school!)

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