Monday 9 July 2007

July newsletter

pics: tby project with 'people and places' in alathiyoor

July newsletter 'from the blue yonder' is out today. For those who have subscribed, you should be getting it in the next three days in email format. Otherwise, you can check it out here:

July issue is covering Tootha river trails, TBY partnership with People and Places, an interview with our new manager Sandeep Sinha, destination introduction to Sikkim, along with some interesting news updates from around the world.

Thanks once again to Lotte and Asha for keeping up with the release date. Let me know what you think about the contents at gp AT theblueyonder DOT com

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Sunday 8 July 2007

The Final call

Bantam press has come out with an excellent book on travel. Leo Hickman who writes regularly for The Guardian has researched extensively across the world to provide a sketch on the social and environmental cost of holidays. Just finished reading the un-corrected proof. The book will be available soon through Sankars in India. If you are serious about travelling and love it, then please don't miss it.

Those who are worried about the un-controlled growth of tourism in destinations like Kerala should re-read sections on the impact of house boat based tourism in the backwaters!

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Wednesday 4 July 2007

Folk-art forms from Nila

pic: 'mudiyaattam'

The last four days spent along Nila with our guests culminated with the time spent in Aarangottukkara. A quaint village bordering Palakkad and Thrissur districts is now one of the hotspots of responsible tourism in River Nila. The local community initiative to revive folk-art forms and traditional skills is now supported by The Blue Yonder and promoted as one of the highlights of Nila holidays.

pic: 'dhaarika vadham'

What our guests had to say about the last few days they spent along Nila.
"This visit to Nila is definitely the highlights of my India experience so far",

"Because of our previous interactions and especially the interview with Arun for the newsletter, I had come with high expectations, but let me be frank, what I experienced here has crossed all those expectations. The musical trail and the folk expressions you designed are far beyond anything that I have experienced!"..

pic: welcoming 'kuda chozhi' to 'valluvanad'

pic: reviving folk songs

Once I settle down in work, may be I should find some time to write more in detail on the background of the above pictures and related folk-art forms. Having stayed away from work means piled up office work!

May be it is time that I request guest writers to share their expertise.

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