Tuesday 23 December 2008

TBY Musical Trail featured in 'Concerto'

Since I can't read German, I can only presume that they have written good things about our Musical trail in Concerto. Feature is not available online. Click on the image to read in German. This is the 4 th article on TBY in the media in less than two weeks. The Week's 'Healthy things to do in 2009', a mention on TBY and Foundation in the Sunday Indian Express, a detailed reference to TBY in Travel Trends Today (T3). None of this available online. So shall try to upload one by one.

TBY turns challenge into oppurtunity

Travel Trends Today (T3) features TBY . Click on the above image to read the full article. Not available online.
Bangalore © The Blue Yonder 2008

Musical trail featured in 'Concerto'

Musical Trail offered by The Blue Yonder is featured by Concerto.at. Feature is not available online, but can be read by clicking the above picture.
Bangalore © The Blue Yonder 2008

15 Healthy things to do in 2009

The Blue Yonder Holidays mentioned in the supplementary feature of The Week 21, Dec, 2008 issue . Click on the above image to read the complete text.
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