Thursday 30 October 2008

11 Nov Responsible Tourism Networking at WTM London

To celebrate the first Responsible Tourism day at the WTM 2007, Your Safe Planet and The Blue Yonder got together to bring individuals and organisations who were pursuing Responsible Tourism. This gave opportunities for many grass-root level operators to meet up with the market and vice-versa. Last year saw more than 100 people from countries ranging from Australia,Belgium,Canada,Hong Kong,India, Kenya,Malaysia,New Zeeland,Norway,South Africa,Sri Lanka,Sweden,Thailand,UAE,UK and USA amongst others coming together to celebrate Responsible Tourism.

It is a pleasure for us to know that many of them are working together now and have become a part of the growing network on Responsible Tourism across the world.Considering the success of last year, we are getting together once again on the 11th November 2008 in London to celebrate responsible tourism initiatives from all over the world.

We invite you to join us in London to network with the Tour Operators, Grass Root organisations, Media, Policy makers and all the flag-bearers of Responsible Tourism. We look forward to seeing you at the cocktail bar for networking.

Venue Abacus Bar,
Time 1900

Block the evening of 11th Nov 2008 if you are in London!If you have a new initiative to be launched in-front of crowd that understand Responsibility in Tourism, then this is the space!
Please RSVP on our facebook group.

Event coverage on Travel Mole UK. Read more here.
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