Friday 23 January 2009

River Nila initiative amongst India's "very best" 5 Sustainable Tourism initiatives

From the Footprint India guidebook 2009 :
" In a country of a billion people, conservation efforts can only succeed when they bring real, tangible, benefits to local communities, while ecotourism worthy of the name also has to provide you, the travellers, with an unforgettable experience.

The following ventures in sustainable tourism are among India's very best."The Blue Yonder, River Nila, Kerala.The river Nila flows through some of Kerala's richest scenic and cultural landscapes, exercising a Ganges-like influence over the spiritual and artistic life of northern Kerala. The Blue Yonder, tours, born of a desire to halt degradation of the river, have had a transformative effect on local culture. Journeying by jeep, hand-propelled thoni boat and bamboo raft, passionate local guides introduce guests to classical musicians, snake worshippers and sand miners, and decade unforgettable folk performances a million miles removed from the tourist spectacles proffered by the big resorts. In doing so, the tours demonstrate- to the locals as much as travellers - that the river and its traditions are integral elements of a sustainable, fruitful future. "

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