Thursday 5 November 2009

Art auction at ITB Asia

Responsible tourism networking event at the ITB Asia in Singapore on the 22nd OCT saw people from more than 25 different countries gathering to interact with like-minded people working in Responsible Tourism. The event also became very unique by providing a platform to organise an art auction. WIT conference attendees drew doodles on a canvas which was later transformed into a stunning visual by local artist Sarbani Bhattacharya based in Singapore. An initiative by Issu.E.Rasers, the proceedings from the event went to Himmapaan Foundation based in Thailand. The RT networking event was organised in partnershisp with The Blue Yonder, Wild Asia and

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Unknown eco friendly warrior said...

The work by Sarbani, inspired by the other artists going for a much needed for cause of reforestation is truly beyond my wildest imagination. She has put in a lot of thought before coming up with this masterpiece and I can keep looking at it and not get tired. It gets me thinking! Well done, my friend!