Saturday 4 December 2010

Hand-made pens as gift

These pens are made by patients at the Insitute of Palliative Medicine in Calicut, Kerala

Foot prints initiative supported by the Pain and Palliative Care Society and Institute of Palliative Medicine (IPM), a W.H.O Collaborating Centre - in Calicut has come out with these fabulous hand-made products. These pens from bamboo are made by patients as part of a socio-economic rehabilitation initiative.

Some times we spend so much money trying to buy gifts for our special ones. We source products and gifts from huge manufacturers, and branded shops with out any warmth and love attached to it. Here is an opportunity to buy corporates gifts from people who will benefit a lot out of that purchase. These gifts are meaningful. Even the process of making these small products have several stories behind them. It has given hopes to our people, it has touched lives in a positive way. If any one reading this note would want to share this note, it might help us spread this initiative and may even inspire someone else to start something like this!

Patients and volunteers at the institute of palliative medicine

If you are interested in purchasing these products please get in touch with us. As you can imagine, it make sense to buy these pens in bulk. If are planning a gift with a special meaning to your colleagues, employees, students, team-mates, we believe you are looking at the right gifts. Please contact us if you are interested.

Footprints is a social rehabilitation project by IPM for the physically and mentally incapacitated people. Patients bedridden with spinal injuries are the main beneficiaries of the project. People with advanced kidney diseases and chronic psychiatric illness are also enrolled in the program. Patients are trained to make various items like umbrellas. environmental friendly pens, paper bags etc through interactive training camps organized at IPM. Raw materials are supplied to the patient after the training, the products that they make are collected, sold and the profit returned to them. The project depends heavily on the involvement of the students from various campuses in Calicut city who are linked to the patients. Students support the patients through camps and sell their products through sales organized in various campuses.

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