Saturday 9 April 2011

Muslim for a month

Ben talking about 'Muslim for a month' initiative at The Blue Yonder stand at ITB-Berlin:

'Muslim for a Month' is a Blood Foundation cultural exchange program run in partnership with Islamic scholars and peace activists in Istanbul Turkey. Blood Foundation is a social enterprise and NGO dedicated to promoting positive intercultural experiences.

Foundation also organises the successful Monk for a Month temple stay program in northern Thailand’s Fang Valley, offering guests an immersion experience into Buddhism and Thai culture as well as a unique opportunity for personal spiritual progression.

In a similar vein the Muslim for a Month program offers an inner experience of the Islamic faith with the focus being on the Sufi path and the universal spiritual teachings of Mevlana Rumi.

Foundation is launching Muslim for a Month by offering two versions of the program; the 9 day short course and the more comprehensive 21 day program. The short course consists of a broad introduction to Islam, Sufism, Rumi, and Turkish culture while the longer version offers a deeper exploration of Sufi mysticism and a more thorough immersion into the life and works of Rumi.

See comments of a traveller who experienced 'Muslim for a month' : "As a Catholic, this program has been seriously insightful with an outcome of total surprise and great benefits to understanding the Muslim people and their religious practices. It has sharpened my own inadequate beliefs of how to serve God in this world. Bookings are now open for next 9 days travel beginning 15th of May 2011.

Contact us for bookings if you want to experience this unique journey:

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