Tuesday 16 June 2009

TBY featured twice among '500 new ways to see the world'

Cover page: edited by Jeremy Smith and Richard Hammond

Discusses 500 experiences and different ways to travel. This book lets you discover various adventures from sleeping in houseboats in Kerala and witnessing the zebra migration in Botswana to taking the train-hotel from Paris to Madrid. It offers information on the best hotels, resorts, and tours run by people who are passionate about what they do.

Pic: Kerala scenes, Kathakali performance, practicsing Kalaripayattu, peppercones growing in the sun

The following excerpts are from the book
" To really discover the heart of Kerala, you need to leave the beach, jump off the houseboat or troop down from the hills to the banks of the River Nila, where a variety of traditional activities are on offer with The Blue Yonder...."

"The Blue Yonder take guest to see people who make dolls like this"
"The largest state in India, Rajasthan is also one of the most beautiful and exciting - home to colourful markets, welcoming cities, vibrant music and delicious cuisine. The royal palaces that pepper the state feature heavily on tourist itineraries, rich , decorative and intricate, they epitomize the luxury and decadenance of the Raj. But for those who want to go behind the scenes, India-based travel company The Blue Yonder runs custom-made trips that allow you to explore what really makes Rajasthan tick. "

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