Sunday 4 October 2009

The Blue Yonder to attend World Travel Market, London

The first time we visited the World Travel Market was in 2005. The next year we were glad to be highly commented for Responsible Tourism awards, and there after we have been regularly exhibiting at this international trade fair in London every November. Exhibiting with the Incredible India stand, this has become a trade show that we can't afford to miss. 2007 edition saw the launch of Responsible Tourism Networking - an initiative kick started by The Blue Yonder and Your Safe Planet.

The official forums at WTM were largely focusing on larger corporations, (rightly so, as even a small change towards sustainability by these companies will have a large impact in the travel industry) so we got together many small operators from different parts of the world in a little pub in London and prompted them to pitch their RT initiatives. Since this was not officially part of the WTM programs media called it as a 'fringe event', a name that stuck and continued to be used by many of our partners as well.

Since then similar networking events have happened in London, Berlin (supported by ITB Berlin), New Delhi (supported by SATTE and ITB Berlin) and for the first time in Singapore (supported by ITB Berlin and ITB Asia) on the 22 Oct 2009. For the 2009 World Travel Market, preparations are going on for the third get together, details of which will be announced by Sally.

This year at the WTM London (9-12 Nov), The Blue Yonder is exhibiting along with Help Tourism, Ecosphere, River Retreat and under the banner of International Centre for Responsible Tourism - India. There will be new initiative launches, media interactions etc at Incredible India stand AS4600, details of which will be announced shortly.

The combined marketing initiative by DMCs and related partners focusing on responsible tourism in India is a new beginning for successful partnerships that we believe should be emulated across the world. We believe that complementing each other with their core competency is the way forward rather than competing in a cut-throat business environment. This partnership has helped us understand a lot from each others work and stand by each other when there is a need. Cyclone Aila support group that was formed as a facebook group is another example of how such networks can be formed for the benefit of people and destination. We are also officially supporting WTM World Responsible Day on the 11th November 2009 to highlight other initiatives on Responsible Tourism.

We welcome you to visit us and know more about our unique holiday experiences at the ICRT India stand at AS4600.


ajmal hossein said...

There are some interesting case studies on responsible tourism partnerships in Sri Lanka, might be interesting for you people.

The Blue Yonder said...

Responsible tourism networking at WTM will be held on the 9th Nov, at |

Date: Monday, 09 November 2009
Time: 18:30 - 23:30
Location: Pavilion End Bar
Street: 23 Watling Street, London, United Kingdom

The Blue Yonder said...

Ajmal, you can either post the case studies on our facebook group or write directly to us

We are always glad to know more of other initiatives and learn