Monday 12 October 2009

Ivili - innovations for sustainable solutions

Jeremy Smith is a writer and producer specializing in environmental, travel and cultural issues. Former editor of Ecologist magazine, Jeremy recently co-authored 'Clean Breaks - 500 New Ways to See the world' with Richard Hammond. His interest in sustainable development led him to set up, an online platform to bring together solutions from practitioners from different parts of the world. Jeremy is also a winner of "exemplary journalism" for writing one of the top ten censored stories of the year, called Re-Engineering Iraqi Agriculture.

Jeremy in conversation with The Blue Yonder on is a free and evergrowing library of tools, solutions and inspirations for sustainable living. Whether you are looking for advice on sustainable living, such as growing food in your garden using permaculture techniques or generating your electricity in a more ecofriendly way; or if you want ideas and inspirations for community projects that might work in your own area; or are keen to volunteer on an environmental project but don't know what's out there; or perhaps you are a funder looking to support essential work in an area you are passionate about, then Ivili is a unique place to start looking for what you need as it only focuses on bringing you sustainable solutions from all over the world.

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Jayan Vasudevan said...

Love the water heater idea! Looking forward to joining ivili

Unknown said...

dear Jeremy this is a great idea I was thinking of by collecting all similar techniques but did not to go forward due to my total lack of technical skills I am a ST expert only and I did not have the idea of making VDOs for easy dissemination.
you made it and had the obvious idea of showing how to do it. I have not been through all VDOs, I think the question remains how does it reach the target group which does not always have easy access to internet.
I'll go through more closely and if you are interested we could make a link and story on our website meant to gathering all tips, manuals and information to help tourism operators to become more responsible please contact me if you are interested my email is or teh one mentioned below

BRAVO and hope to be in touch with you

GP said...

Great to see Mekongtourism and Ivili connected here. All the best, G

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of website for sharing solutions with no profit motive. Inspiring stuff!