Wednesday 2 March 2011

From one traveller to another

The following is a text from an email from one of our earlier traveller to another guest who is preparing his visit to India.

images from Tholpetty - Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad.

"Good to hear that you are going to Kerala and Karnataka! These are really destinations that deserve to be known to the world. As The Blue Yonder mentioned I was in Bangalore and Kerala this January and had an amazing time.
Actually I think that it was not so much entirely the places I visited but mostly the people I met and the experiences those meetings gave me. So to begin with, prepare to be open-minded, talk to people (whom in general are incredibly friendly) and enjoy all the fantastic places and experiences. One important thing that definitely should not be missed is the opportunity to practice yoga with real masters that really live and breathe yoga. That in combination with Ayurvedic massage is really a winner.

with Gurukkal Unnikrishnan at Poomulli Mana Kalari

Traveling on my own was no problem at all, especially since The Blue Yonder planned my trip, but also that I actually felt completely safe during the whole trip.

As for destinations you shouldn't miss out on river Nila and the area around. This is where I probably had the strongest experiences, partly because of the fact that its not crowded with other tourists. Which makes the experiences more genuine and authentic. There are some people working with handicraft that is really interesting to meet (bell metal, clay, weaving and so on). You should try to be part a workshop and the making of the handicraft. Also, if you get a chance to listen to the Vayali folklore group playing traditional music and dancing, that is a great way to get the feeling of the rhythm of Kerala.

If possible you should see the work of Dr Suresh at the IPM (Institute of Palliative Medicine) in Calicut as well. It was amazing to see the work that they have done to improve the life of patients needing palliative care, and how the people in the village come together to help.

Another favorite of mine was Marari beach resort. Had a really nice meeting and session with a yoga master there (Master Krishna Kurup) who gave me a lot of inspiration within yoga and meditation. And their "forest" of hammocks was just the true paradise of relaxation :)

I also went on a hike in Wayanad where I saw wild elephants, bats, chameleons and tiger tracks. This is on route more or less between Kerala and Karnataka and really worth a visit. As of the food, it was quite spicy to me in the beginning. But I slowly got used to it. And even got kind of semi used to eating with my fingers! Really loved the Poori and curry. But there are lots of good foodŠ And the Kingfisher beer is actually real good too ;)

Attached are a few of the many photos I took on my trip. Please let me know if you have any more questions. I'll be happy to tell more.

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